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Oracle DBA online training:

This Oracle DBA Training is meant to provide a full knowledge of the Oracle DBA R12. You will be trained in the countless Business Intelligence Real-Time scenarios, the BI Life cycle, concepts of OLAP, working with charts, and graphs, analysis server, an ad-hoc query and analysis tool, interactive dashboards, proactive intelligence and alerts, real-time predictive intelligence.

Oracle DBA online training provides a solid foundation on Oracle DBA step-by-step procedures for building and verifying the Reports and Migration and PL/SQL Real-time scenarios.

Oracle DBA training provides a full range of business intelligence capabilities that allow you to:

Oracle DBA Installation and Configuration
All Components implementation
Meta data creation with Multiple real-time scenarios
Working on analysis and dashboards.
Working on KPI’s and Scorecards.
Implementation of security
Migration from One instance to another instance
Oracle DBA R11&R12 migrations
Oracle DBA Administration concepts
Oracle DBA Real-time issues trouble shooting and solution providers.
Oracle DBA course is designed for those certified professionals who are looking for Great career as Architect in ERP Technology.

Course Name:Oracle 11g DBA Online Training
Duration :50 Hours

  • What is DBA ?
  • Why a Company needs a DBA?
  • Roles & Responsibilities of DBA
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Physical and Logical Phase of Database
  • Types of files(Control file, Redolog file and Datafile)
  • Different types of Datafiles
  • Instance
  • SGA(System Global Area) and Background Process
  • Different Startup Modes
  • Different Shutdown Modes
  • Types of Database Creation
  • Manual Method of Creation
  • Introduction to Table space
  • Types of Table space(BIG & SMALL)
  • Temporary Table space
  • Altering/Renaming a Table space
  • Renaming a data file
  • Temporary Groups
  • Table space Encryption(11g)
  • What are segments?
  • What are extents?
  • What is Blocks?
  • Oracle Blocks
  • Estimation of Extents
  • Dictionary Managed Table space
  • Locally Managed Table space
  • Storage Parameters(Initial, Next, Min Extents, Xtents, Pctincrease)
  • Who are Database Users?
  • Why to create a User?
  • Creation of Users
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Creating and granting Roles
  • Allocating table space Quotas to Users
  • Assigning default table space for the Users
  • Setting Profiles for the Users
  • Levels of Authentication
  • Schema Management(11g)
  • Security(11g)
  • What is Undo?
  • Why Undo required?
  • Pending offline status
  • Brief idea about Rollback segments
  • Flashback Features
  • Flashback Table
  • Flashback query
  • Flashback Version query
  • What is spfile?
  • Difference between spfile and pfile
  • Advantages of spfile
  • What is OMF?
  • Advantages of OMF
  • Files conventions of OMF
  • Introduction to Oracle Networking
  • Network default location
  • Editing Network file
  • Listener.ora
  • Tnsnames.ora
  • Introduction to Database Links
  • Types of Database Links
  • Introduction to Materialized views
  • Advantages of Materialized view
  • Refresh Modes
  • Introduction to Redo log
  • Status of Redo logs
  • Multiplexing the Redo log files
  • Re-creation of Control file
  • Renaming the Database
  • Multiplexing the Control file
  • What is a logical backup
  • Why it is required
  • Export/import Utility
  • Data Pump
  • Difference between Data Pump and Traditional Export/import
  • Impdp/expdp
  • Transportable Table spaces
  • Introduction to Physical backup
  • Types of Physical backup
  • Cold & Hot backup
  • Recovery scenarios
  • RMAN backup
  • RMAN Point in time recovery
  • RMAN 11g new features
  • What is Performance Tuning?
  • Why Tuning required?
  • Types of Tuning
  • Database Tuning
  • Tuning
  • SQL Tuning
  • Memory Tuning
  • Network Tuning
  • Partitioning and Indexes
  • Partitioning Enhancements
  • RAT(Real Application Testing)(11g)
  • SQL Performance Analyses (11g)
  • Row chaining and Row migration
  • Resemble Table spaces
  • Introduction to Data Guard
  • Types of Standby databases
  • 11g New features in Data Guard
  • Types of Protection modes
  • Active standby/snapshot standby(11g)
  • Log Miner
  • RMAN Point in time Recovery
  • Introduction to Database Cloning
  • RMAN Cloning
  • Automatic Storage Management(ASM)
  • How dictionary table and views can simplify programming SQL options
  • How to retrieve Raw data different from DATABASES to SAS environment using SQL Statements
  • To create table in different databases using SAS sql statement
  • To manage in different databases using SAS Sql Statements
  • Introduction to SQL Loader
  • Types of files
  • Control file
  • Infile
  • Bad file
  • Discard file
  • Data file
  • What is auditing?
  • Why auditing performed?
  • Types of Auditing
  • Levels of Auditing
  • Flashback Database
  • Flashback Archive(11g)
  • Oracle 11g Installations
  • Comparison between Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g
  • New features Introduced in Oracle 10g
  • Upgradation from Oracle 10g to Oracle11g

Highlights of Oracle DBA Online Training:

  • Oracle DBA Real Time Project Support and Documentation:- Oracle DBA Real-time project support related design and migration and function setup documentation also teach under training
    Interview Skills based on Oracle DBA :- Mark interview conducted on every week and provide more than 500+ interview questions by end of course
    Oracle DBA Certification Support:-Providing Oracle DBA certified training, 50+ learner certified through RamJS Technologies in Oracle DBA technology.
    Oracle DBA Resume Preparation: – Based on learner experience we helps him to show his confidence through resume. We will help you to prepare to shortlist resumes.
    Small Training Batch:-One to one session will arrange by RamJS Technologies for learner comfortability.
    Oracle DBA Practical Guidance:- Everyday tasks and practical exercises as homework
  • Oracle DBA Implementation Approaches.12+ Years of Real-time BI architect Experience in IT Industry
    Worked on OBIA certified professional with various Great MNC’s
    Real-time project oriented training with step-by-step Scenarios.
    Technical and functional and migrations and security design Documentation approaches
    Covering the Pre-requisites for learning Oracle DBA
    Completed 250+ coaching Assignment around 800 students
    The Oracle DBA training contains all real time industry standards with ERP and multiple domains.

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