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SQL Server DBA online training:

Real-time Practical SQL DBA Online Training designed to work with analysis data and get report from data so that they can manage their life and their organization in proper order. That means that there is highly demand of database. database is not only important for storing the data in proper order .Beside this there is also numbers of application where it pays the big roles to perform efficiently.

SQL DBA online training provides a solid foundation on SQL DBA step-by-step procedures for all major SQL Database Administration activities including DB Design, Normalized Views, Stored Procedures, Indexes, Joins, DB Maintenance, Query Tuning, HA/DR, AAG and SQL Cluster Issues.. Versions: SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 & 2016.

SQL DBA training provides a full range of DB Administrative capabilities that allow you to:

  • SQL server Installation and Configuration
  • All Components implementation
  • SQL Server & T-SQL with Multiple real-time scenarios
  • SQL DBA Checklist, SLA Process
  • Performance Tuning – Partitions & Indexes
  • DB Migrations, Service Packs, Upgrades
  • Introduction to SQL Server Clusters
  • Active Directory and MSDTC
  • Cluster Issues & Management
  • Always-On Availability Groups (AAG) Real-time issues trouble shooting and solution providers.

SQL DBA course is designed for those certified professionals who are looking for Great career as Architect in DBA Technology.

SQLServer DBA Online Training Content

  • SQL Server Architecture
  • SQL Server Version’s and Editions
  • SQL server Installation and Configuration
  • System databases
  • Pages and extents
  • Sql server services
  • Sql server protocols
  • ACID properties
  • Recovery models
  • Security-Login and User,Principals,Securables,Managing Permissions
  • Authentication Modes
  • Server roles
  • Database roles
  • Isolation Levels and Concurrency
  • Locking and Blocking-Types of locks and Types of reads
  • Service accounts for SQL server
  • GUI Templates-object explorer,solution explorer,template explorer,registered servers
  • Command line tools-BCP,SQLCMD
  • Creating and Configuring Database
  • Altering Databases and Their Options-Using ALTER command,Controlling Access,Controling DB state.
  • Linked servers
  • DAC-Dedicated Adminstrator Connection
  • CMS-Central Management Server
  • Data Compression and Backup Compression
  • Using ALTER Authorization Command
  • Schemas-Creating and working with schemas
  • Databasesnapshots
  • DBCC-And their parameters
  • Indexes-Types of Indexes,working and Maintaining indexes,resolving indexfragmentation,fill factor
  • Update statistics
  • SQL Server Top New Features
  • DMV’s-Types of Dynamic Management Views and working with them.
  • PBM-Policy Based Management
  • Resource governer
  • Performance data collector
  • SQL Server profiler
  • Maintainence Plans
  • Databasemail
  • Types of Sql Server Backups and their important options.
  • Types of Restores and its related options
  • Orphan Users-Fixing orphan users
  • Log shipping
  • Database Mirroring
  • Replication-Types Replication
  • Basics of Windows Clustering
  • Overview of real time Third party Monitoring tools-Ex:-Idera DM,Lite speed.
  • Overview of real time Ticketing tool-Ex:-Altiris,Remedey.

Highlights of SQL Server DBA Online Training:

  • SQL DBA Real Time Project Support and Documentation:- SQL DBA Real-time project support related design and migration and function setup documentation also teach under training
    Interview Skills based on SQL DBA:- Mark interview conducted on every week and provide more than 500+ interview questions by end of course
    SQL DBA Certification Support:-Providing SQL DBA certified training, 50+ learner certified through RamJS Technologies in SQL DBA technology.
    SQL DBA Resume Preparation: – Based on learner experience we helps him to show his confidence through resume. We will help you to prepare to shortlist resumes.
    Small Training Batch:-One to one session will arrange by RamJS Technologies for learner comfortability.
    SQL DBA Practical Guidance:- Everyday tasks and practical exercises as homework
  • SQL DBA along with Data warehousing Implementation Approaches.
    • 12+ Years of Real-time BI architect Experience in IT Industry
    • Worked on SQL DBA certified professional with various Great MNC’s
    • Real-time project oriented training with step-by-step Scenarios.
    • Technical and functional and migrations and security design Documentation approaches
    • Covering the Pre-requisites for learning SQL DBA
    • Completed 250+ coaching Assignment around 800 students

    The SQL DBA training contains all real time industry standards with ERP and multiple domains.

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